Pakistan Students Association
Established on April 05, 2002

Last updated: August 13, 2003

Long Live Pakistan
Dr. Arshad Ali, University of Tokyo 
Nasir Mahmood,  Tokyo Gakugei University
General Secretary:
K. M. Arif Gondal,University of Tokyo
Secretary Coordination: 
Iftikhar Ahmad, University of Tokyo
Finance Secretary:
Bilal Bakht, Saitama University
Founding  Members:
M. Atiq ur Rahman, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dr. Moazzam Ali, University of Tokyo
Aqeel Abbas Naqvi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Asif Aslam, University of Tokyo
Muhammad Awais, University of Tokyo
Shamas ul Islam Bajwa, University of Tokyo
Sajjad Maqbool, University of Tokyo, Japan

Executive Body Members of PSA
(Revised on January 01, 2003 in Exec. Body Meeting. Please see minutes of the meeting)

 1Dr. Arshad Ali, University of Tokyo 
2.  Mohammad Atiq ur Rahman , Tokyo Institute of Technology
3.  Muhammad Awais, University of Tokyo
4.   Dr. Moazzam Ali, University of Tokyo
5. Aqeel Abbas Naqvi, Tokyo Institute of Technology
6. Dilshad Masih, Tokyo Institute of Technology
7. Ms. Qaisara Fatima, Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
8.Nasir Mahmood, Tokyo Gakugei University
9.K. M. Arif, University of Tokyo

PSA Resources:
* Membership Form (please click to download)
* Articles of Association (upon request by regular members only)
* Minutes of Meetings of PSA held on January 01, 2003 (upon request by regular members only)
* Introductory Brochure of PSA

Educational Resources:

University Level Organizations of PSA

University of Tokyo
Muhammad Awais
General Secretary: 
Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITECH)
President: Aqeel Abbas Naqvi
General Secretary: Dilshad Masih
Tokyo Gakugei University
President:Nasir Mahmood
General Secretary:

Yokohama University:
General Secretary:

Tsukuba University
General Secretary:
Saitama University
General Secretary:
Ehime University
General Secretary:

Tototri University
General Secretary:

 Information about New Pakistani Students coming to Japan:

Frequently Asked Questions

List of Students:
October 2002 Term 
April 2003 Term
October 2003 Term

Programs and Events of Cultural Exchange Organized by PSA:

1. Welcome Party of New Students in Japanese Universities (April 2002 Term)
(See pictures of the party)

2. "Learn From Ryugakusei Festival" organized by Association of International Exchange Japan (AIEJ) held on May 19 2002. (Click to view the pictures)

3. Participation in a workshop on Literacy and Culture in Pakistan organized by International Center for Literacy and Culture (ICLC) Tokyo held on May 17th 2002 (Click to view the pictures)

4. Celebration of  Eid e Melad ul Nabi (Salam o Alaika) on May 24 Friday 2002.

5. Participation in the 13th Afro-Asian, Latin -American Exchange Exhibition organized by Japan Afro Asian LatinAmerican Artists Association (JAALA). 
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Japan
Date: August 08 - 17, 2002 (Click here for pictures)

6. Participation in KIND  Food Festival, Komaba July 2002

7. Independent Day Celebration: Cultural Exchange Festival and Mehfil e Mushaera (24 August 2002) held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

8. Participation in Special Symposium and PAKISTAN FESTIVAL organized by Pakistan Association Japan and Japan Pakistan Association. October 10, 2002 at Centennial Hall,  Nihon University, Tokyo

9. Welcome Party and Cricket Match (October 2002 Term) on October 20, 2002 at University of Tokyo, Japan

10. Eid Milan Party held at Odaiba on December 07, 2002
11. Full Dress Drama Rehearsal by  Japanese Delegation of Students before leaving for Pakistan. December 15, 2002 held at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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